The band

The band isn't a typical two guitars, bass, drum and singer. We don't do typical music. No one could call us boring

We formed up in April of 2017 and started to find our sound. When you bring relatively diverse backgrounds together, the sorting of music and styles takes a bit of time. We try and make the song ours by playing with the instruments we have available. 

Jonathan Feit - Vocals, Guitar

Jonathan has an eclectic musical background with influences from the folk traditions of his parents to the rock sounds of his youth. Jonathan brings great vocals and guitar to the group as well as a keen sense of making a song our sound. 

Rich Harrington - Mandolin, Vocals, Guitar

Rich is the groups mandolin and guitar player and brings a country, bluegrass slant to the music. Rich started the group because he wanted to play songs from The Band and Dylan, but couldn't find anyone strongly interested. The band knew of each other from a jam group, so it was a natural extension of that sound. 

Frank Kozak - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Slide

Frank brings a Rock and Jazz influence to the group. This lets us do things that most groups can't do.